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About Yugoslavia - a satire of the truth!

There you have the podcast (click here) on Yugoslavia. It was really interesting, but the approach on Yugoslavia was poor. The accent was on Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria (as the "experts" were mainly from this countries). Important to say that I think that there is more to learn from Yugoslavia as those countries are really poor example for anything. Although Yugoslavia was a failed experiment it gave an important lesson for unity. Underestimating the diversity in the "artificial creation" led to its dissolution. "Experts" are saying that different nations emerged like they never existed. I read that and burn the book.
What nobody understands, Yugoslavia tried to kill the national identity , already existing  cultural identity, and create an artificial Yugoslav nation. Well, you can expect one to gave up it's cultural identity, but you can't expect all six to do so.
But during the cold war it benefited greatly staying non-aligned and kept the position with some limitted success in development.
They mentioned other YUG republics, but none of them dared to mention Macedonia. Like it never existed. I think they were trying to accommodate the Greeks. We all could get a good use of inviting Macedonian and Albanian "expert", for example. I would have organised it better. I wanted to see blood, chairs flying and hair pulling!!! lol I want to see UNPROFOR, KGB, SFOR getting the control over the fights! That's Balkan! 
Not a room full of posh white people frighten to mention Macedonia!
When you put photo of Tito on your poster invitation you should expect some Macedonian coming to you like flies on shit.
I always love myself a good debate, but I can't have one if the monopoly of truth is solely Bulgarian or Greek. I would always have my doubts.
If you consider yourself an expert and you don't feel comfortable saying all the truth regardless your personal trauma, than what kind of expert you think you are? Even if it bothers me, I am in for the truth if there is proof.
I would always defend the fact that Macedonia benefit and survived thanks to artificial Yugoslavia, but failed to get the best use of the unity, constantly lacking in development. It was last in development after Kosovo but prided themselves as successful in the literature, maybe because it departed from a very low starting point. It looks like a success, but there was barely any!

There was a success, but very limited, slow; and most important, that its way of development was unsustainable. Other republics did so much better.
 I would really like to think more on what would have happened if Macedonia was left on it's own. That a good question for a debate.

This is just my opinion and thoughts, not a fact.
Great event, enjoyed a lot, I would have both the book if I had money, but I will take a note so I can buy it when better times come.

Please note: At the end I was able to secure a copy of the book and there is a whole chapter (maybe more) on Macedonia. Despite the author, I can confirm that he is speaking the truth. What they do is to add some detail that would not change the facts but will only create confusion. That is the reason of my rants on the subject. There is one truth and usually is different what media says (which are used to spread propaganda and hate among nations). Final thought: I think the book is worth reading.


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