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The state of losers and traitors

I am the kind of person that believes in the relation between the level of development and cultural values. In fact I am crazy enough to think development is related to everything. In this occasion, I would like to discuss what lessons should we take from each country's culture to use to get better when talking about development. 
That is, because in development there is a lot of talking and wishing well. 
Strongly believe that a cultures should provide us with the knowledge that will help us to boost not just our material wealth but also our mental well-being. "States are as the men, they grow out of human characters." (Plato) and they need to be the best version of themselves.
In the era of globalisation and cross-cultural exchange of information we know more, a lot more that our culture could offer us.
But, there is a problem. What to do with all the knowledge about other cultures? 
You can be Orthodox Christian and have your regular Yoga classes every week. If that is wha…