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Unsuccessful Ph.D application: "Gender inequality in employment, earnings and unpaid work"

1. Introduction 
The Equity Act 2010 in UK and the European Law are based upon the principle that woman and men should receive equal pay when doing equal work. The Governments intention is to work with business to improve gender wage gap and issue information on voluntary basis. (Equality and human rights commission, 2010). Publishing gender pay information will benefit even small companies. According to ACAS, the Pay Gap Reporting would start applying in April 2017 (ACAS, 2016). In the last 20 years feminist research tends to go beyond the binaries of existing male and female gender. The things that changed in the last years are not only the Act and the fact that soon most of the companies should provide information about the gender – wage gap. It’s a fact the society has changed. The multiplicities of sex, gender, racial, ethnic will provide us with new research categories. The focus of the feminist work can be referred to one of the proliferating causes. Lorber (2010) argues that femi…

Modern age slavery in London

Do you need to be rich to afford a job?
Even when I was working on unemployment, minimum wage did't made much sense to me, not to mention working for free. I was so angry at the person for the Governments "marketing office" selling us the concept as a "living wage". The should have "tested" the concept of "living" wage before putting the word together with minimum wage. As somebody who is "testing" personally the concept on myself, I must say those people gain no respect from me.
Been rich and very rich and I understand how hard it is to "care" when you don't see the concept applied on yourself. Now that I work I am the poorest I have ever been. I am dying to see them "living" on a minimum wage in London. It should be called "barely surviving in a room" wage.

In order to be willing to work for free, you need to really have a low appreciation of yourself. The company here is asking for a duchebag tha…