sábado, 14 de enero de 2017

Now you want a PhD!!! Feed that learning monster!

- You have opinion about everything;
- Nothing is ever good enough for you;
- Read books like a possessed person - every book is The Bible;
- Consider yourself to be weird, nobody is taking you seriously;
- Love to write down your thoughts (it's a demonic possession, I know);
- Whenever you try giving your opinion, everybody is laughing at you, but after a while you stop worrying what others might think. 
- Feel obsessed with field research, learning new subjects, and you constantly complain that you lack knowledge. 
- You need to design a survey questionnaire every time you want to go shopping? 
- You are mentally obsessed with sampling for focus group or interviews each time you need an answer to a simple question (because, nothing is simple for you, machote!) 
- You are being cynical about life - no matter how much you try and how well you do, idiots have taken over this world. 
- You are fluent in sarcasm. Excellent! 
- Have lost the sense and meaning of life. Nobody likes you nor your stupid opinion. Either you want to kill yourself or do a PhD. What's the difference? Choose PhD, and you are set on a suicide mission and you won't get suspicious.  
- You are poor, and you might never get rich! You are too good to ever get paid what you are worth. 
- Despite all - you want to be an expert!?
Well - guess what - I want to be an expert, too! Apart from the fact that we both  might have a slight brain dysfunction, maybe it's time to go for a PhD to satisfy that learning monster.

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