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What makes a good job? Gender issues and job satisfaction

Being highly educated person makes you feel smart. That is the end of it. Unfortunately, it can make you the saddest person in the world. This conclusion is not as a result of my “extensive research” when all I do is read about other people research while dreaming of doing my own work in the field. 
Because, being woman today is like being a man - you will need to work hard to own your own money.

Even while I was working on my dissertation on youth unemployment that was highly commented in the literature. It only made me sad to think that once more they are telling us that hard work barely pays off. And I know, nobody wants to hear that.   The paradox that highly educated people (supposedly qualified and skilled) generally have very low level of job satisfaction, should not come to us as a surprise. The higher the level of consciousness the greater the expectations. As we get “smarter” we are more and more aware of different possibilities and combinations but also of limitations and back…

Now you want a PhD!!! Feed that learning monster!

- You have opinion about everything;
- Nothing is ever good enough for you;
- Read books like a possessed person - every book is The Bible;
- Consider yourself to be weird, nobody is taking you seriously;
- Love to write down your thoughts (it's a demonic possession, I know);
- Whenever you try giving your opinion, everybody is laughing at you, but after a while you stop worrying what others might think. 
- Feel obsessed with field research, learning new subjects, and you constantly complain that you lack knowledge. 
- You need to design a survey questionnaire every time you want to go shopping? 
- You are mentally obsessed with sampling for focus group or interviews each time you need an answer to a simple question (because, nothing is simple for you, machote!) 
- You are being cynical about life - no matter how much you try and how well you do, idiots have taken over this world. 
- You are fluent in sarcasm. Excellent! 
- Have lost the sense and meaning of life. Nobody likes you nor your s…