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What makes a good job? Gender issues and job satisfaction

Being highly educated person makes you feel smart. That is the end of it. Unfortunately, it can make you the saddest person in the world.
This conclusion is not as a result of my “extensive research” when all I do is read about other people research while dreaming of doing my own work in the field. 
Because, being woman today is like being a man - you will need to work hard to own your own money.

Even while I was working on my dissertation on youth unemployment that was highly commented in the literature. It only made me sad to think that once more they are telling us that hard work barely pays off. And I know, nobody wants to hear that.  
The paradox that highly educated people (supposedly qualified and skilled) generally have very low level of job satisfaction, should not come to us as a surprise. The higher the level of consciousness the greater the expectations. As we get “smarter” we are more and more aware of different possibilities and combinations but also of limitations and backfires.

The paper goes further saying that women tend to have higher level of job satisfaction just because they do not compare themselves (in success) with men. 
Since we are talking about education, researchers have found that woman holding managerial position have far better educational background than man (Banerjee and Perrucci, 2015).  The disappointment lies in the fact that women have to give more for a promotion than a man. It has also been proven that they have less perceived promotion opportunity.
After all the reading, a came to a research paper by the University of Lancester: Paradox Lost: Disappearing Female Job Satisfaction, dated in 2016 that came to the conclusion that women are not that satisfied with their job as before. In fact, they are saying that the gap between men and woman job satisfaction is less than before. That is an important conclusion to be considered as we need more and better understanding in the new situation. 
The paper is talking about the “paradox of the contented female worker” discussed in a research paper by Clark in 1997. 
Going further into this subject, the situation get little bit tragicomic. If you are a hard core feminist, maybe you want to skip this part. The problem is when in a team a woman is a supervisor, some researchers find they it is less likely that woman to offer a promotion to another woman. This is important when we are trying to see weather or not having woman as manager can improve the position of women at work. 
Cross country comparisons (my experience) may also lead us to the conclusion that is more up to people being educated into tolerance and understanding from young age, rather than gender issue.

“Likewise, Ferber and Green (1991) find that working under a female supervisor lowers women’s wages more than men’s, suggesting that this is because women’s work is devalued more when it is done for a female supervisor. "
This shows women are bitches not only in bars and discotheques but at work, too 👀💇😆 Why there is so much hate between us women?
C'mon, isn't this funny? Can you relate to this? I can!
Now seriously, higher job satisfaction is not related as much as with high salary as it is with supportive co-workers and promotion opportunities (positive management). Woman are satisfied with less (as bitching gives them enough pleasure) than men, and they are happier in jobs that offer more variety of tasks.
Makes sense, doesn't it? Well, It does for me! 😒💔

Gender Inequality

While addressing this issue is by researcher in academic environment makes sense, in practice the more we talk about that the bigger problem it gets. Instead, after acquiring the knowledge necessary to understand the problem, we might want to work on creating a working environment where the job position has no sex, and each and every member has equal opportunities.

As for myself, I have barely entertained myself with gender issues. I don’t see the point in discussing whether or not women are better carers and more emotional (just to set as an example), when man can be emotional and care as much as women and they are woman that don’t care and are emotionally blunt. But still, I am worried of the number of women (cross-countries experience) that say that they would really like to work, make a career but also spend some time with family, if they could. The same thing goes for men. They need to have a family life too, spend time with children but also work. 
Great things get beautifully done when we work together.

When we are discussing the issue in international development, countries that fail toward woman, they  are falling apart. Woman have the same potential as men, the potential of the women is set aside, unused and unpaid. Your country is doomed to fail.
The developed world knows already what you don’t know by addressing the issues of gender inequality, getting into boring details in every small issue.

Because indeed, there are no women and men, it’s only us. 

sábado, 14 de enero de 2017

Now you want a PhD!!! Feed that learning monster!

- You have opinion about everything;
- Nothing is ever good enough for you;
- Read books like a possessed person - every book is The Bible;
- Consider yourself to be weird, nobody is taking you seriously;
- Love to write down your thoughts (it's a demonic possession, I know);
- Whenever you try giving your opinion, everybody is laughing at you, but after a while you stop worrying what others might think. 
- Feel obsessed with field research, learning new subjects, and you constantly complain that you lack knowledge. 
- You need to design a survey questionnaire every time you want to go shopping? 
- You are mentally obsessed with sampling for focus group or interviews each time you need an answer to a simple question (because, nothing is simple for you, machote!) 
- You are being cynical about life - no matter how much you try and how well you do, idiots have taken over this world. 
- You are fluent in sarcasm. Excellent! 
- Have lost the sense and meaning of life. Nobody likes you nor your stupid opinion. Either you want to kill yourself or do a PhD. What's the difference? Choose PhD, and you are set on a suicide mission and you won't get suspicious.  
- You are poor, and you might never get rich! You are too good to ever get paid what you are worth. 
- Despite all - you want to be an expert!?
Well - guess what - I want to be an expert, too! Apart from the fact that we both  might have a slight brain dysfunction, maybe it's time to go for a PhD to satisfy that learning monster.