sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016

The Compassionate Thinker Thouths

What are you saying about the idea of me getting paid to conduct a research with a university to determine the relationship between self employment and health issues. It an excellent subject where I would need to determine to what extent health issues determine the success of the person in starting and conducting successfully its own business. 

It would give me a great chance to "finish" my dissertation on Youth Unemployment and conduct a research focused on business success of the most vulnerable people in our society. 

As development economist, I think this could be very much applicable not only in developed countries but very useful to disadvantaged groups across the globe in developing communities. 

Mental health problems are a big issues in both developed and developing world, in most cases undetectable to human eye. Even in their visible forms they can come really handy. Let me not get to it really deep as I am not qualified to talk, but still, would dare to give my opinion.

Narcissistic people can be very annoying but great leaders; borderline are great charmers and good with persons evaluation. Than you have the antisocial, that you can place in an office and make him think for hours and never regret you left him alone. You might want to employ the obsessive compulsive to get a bit of order and discipline in your company and annoy everybody with boring details. 

Personality disorders are a great way to screw up your life, but still are an important addition to life. 

Glorifying people suffering cannot be acceptable, but once you learn to control it, you can put it in your own advantage. 

I love to talk more about this and make jokes because I understand what is like to suffer in silence and look in disbelief how your life crumbles in front of you and you feel like there is nothing you can do - just observe your own suffering. 

People often grow out from their problems and become compassionate  thinkers.

Others, more serious mental illnesses can be controlled with medicine and people achieve great success in their careers. 

Not everybody is born in a perfect family and the perfect country.  

Misery comes in all shapes or forms. In-distinctive of country of origin, due to our "disability" we might feel that we need a little bit more to get where other has gotten first. 

The subject offered by the university is related to applied economics, statistics and would need strong background in this particular subjects. 

I love statistics and would enjoy greatly. 

The objective is to influence the policy makers to design special support to help this category of people. 

It is very unusual for a faculty of management to go beyond profit interests and look at helping for this category of people to get and independent and fulfilling life outside the benefits system and compassionate looks. I am still in disbelief!!! 

As you know, scientists are really crazy!  

Let's not get carried away with the phrase that money don't bring happiness, because it does in a society where we are not able to grow our own fruit and vegetable and make our own cloths. 

Anyway, whoever thought of the subject to relate the unemployment and entrepreneurship with health issues is a compassionate thinker indeed. 

And here I am, admiring other people ideas 😃 

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