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Essay on International Development for my MSc

For my MSc in Development Studies I have written the fallowing essays. They show my main interest and explain my passion to lead an important changes, whenever possible. Hope you going to enjoy them the same I enjoyed working on them. They are not perfect, but back then they were perfect for me. 
Get inspired, continue where I left, but most important continue bringing new ideas.  

1. WTO; Trading the PoorWhy should developing countries continue their membership of WTO? 07-01-2015

2. Aid: past, present and futureUnder what conditions can aid disbursement be most effective? 12-01-2015
5. FAIR TRADE COFFEE FARMING IN NICARAGUA (13-01-2016) A research proposal. 
The impact on Fair Trade certification on the household income and social development projects.
6.UNHCR and the Balkan wars A humanitarian dilemma (14-01-2016) Discuss critically the extent to which UNHCR mandate to provide protection to refugees was compromised by the role they played in the former Yugoslavia in which refugees, as part of the western government of containment, were effectively prevented from leaving to seek asylum elsewhere.

At the moment, my dissertation on Youth Unemployment in Macedonia will remain unavailable. 

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