viernes, 8 de julio de 2016

Message to all the Yugo-nostalgic and EU fanatics

I don't remember being this excited over a book. The book in question is:

Did you knew that socialism and unemployment can't go in a same sentence?
In socialism there is no such thing as unem
ployment. Everybody should be employed even if that means doing nothing at work. 

Well, that was far from the truth. 

Did you know that back in 1945 there were registered around 25000 employed in Macedonia. (Yane Miljoski, 1986)

According to the same source there were massive employments in the late 70ties and early 80ties. Most of the cases that meant doing nothing nor even showing up at work.
Worker managed firms was a failed experiment. They became so detached from the economic reality that there was no other way than to crush the whole system down. 

Macedonian economists (Yane Miljoski, Ksente Bogoev) in the literature from the 80ties were pointing out the problem and were offering solutions to save our selves from going down. No serious economist from Macedonia has ever backed up the system that was a big lie and broken promise. 

According to the same source the unemployment in Macedonia by 1985 hit 30 percent, while in Slovenia only 1,5 per cent.

The inequalities were huge among republics where Macedonia was one of the big losers.
Still can't find any traces of any success in Yugoslavia. I think Macedonia would have done a lot better without the experiment.

And that's only in Yugoslavia. When I start looking the problem of Youth Unemployment and Social Exclusion in Europe, we are going to hate each other even more and feel so worse than in Yugoslavia. It's no surprise that the Macedonian youth is among the most prepared and talented in Europe, but Europe my dear can't find you on the map.

That happens when they send some "John Smith" to evaluate the situation in Macedonia and meet a government servant named some "Petko Trajkoski" saying we are all great here, happy and wealthy. Nor "John Smith" can really see the picture there nor "Petko Trajkoski" is allowed to talk bad about its country.

What we need is local people really interested and dedicated to see and explain the reasons behind, do a research and the right presentation of facts and figures. Foreign "know-it-all" can shadow and give their views and not much more than that.

Don't understand yet why Macedonian economist, scientist were giving very good suggestions back in the 80ties and 90ties and Macedonia did quite the opposite.

I can't understand either why the Europen initiatives to battle youth unemployment is far from Macedonia. No initiative can call itself "European" if it doesn't include primarily the countries most hit by the problem.

Well, it seems that poor people problems are more difficult to solve and we can quickly show everybody how good we are.

Definitely a dissertation that needs to be very critical toward all the Yugo-nostalgic and EU-fanatics. You are doing things wrong an you know it!

And thats's becouse none of them pays for my course.

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