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On "Brexit": Just go, Just leave!

Born in Macedonia, the country has not made a progress since.Went to live in Spain and two years later (2008) the country was hit by recession and huge unemployment. And now that I am out it's slowly recovering.Came to UK, they leave EU and the value of pound immediately hits its lowest, Cameron resigns... we are expecting more of this to come... Well, where should I go now?Which country really goes to your nerve? I can deal with any.Should I put in a CV my apocalyptic abilities?
That was my first comment on Brexit the day I received the news. I could have been talking about the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the Balkan wars or any other major disaster, because it looks like I've have seen them all.  
Today I lost every little hope I had in a new and better Europe.
Going through all the media news I got across a lot of despair and sadness of what just happened.
Macedonia is deeply saddened that UK is "leaving" as it gained it's candidate status while the UK presidency back in 2005. It has been an important ally and hoping that this will not end by any means.
The Macedonian newspapers translated what they could from foreign news media (nothing new there). The dullness of Macedonian journalism is famously known among the Macedonian intellectuals that drives them constantly to look for a source of information elsewhere.
Macedonian MP teasing the British ambassador in Macedonia after Brexit on his twitter account was one of the articles I could find. Macedonians and their sense of humor is so extraordinary, that even Macedonian MPs find it hard to control themselves. And their sense of humor can be seen in the last 25 years of independence with disastrous results.
Another article mocks Macedonians that declared themselves Bulgarians just to get a passport to EU and now they are have to share the same despair with the rest of Europe.
In vane Macedonia was defending Europe from migrants influx nor Greece's sacrifice to keep them on it's territory was enough to please the UK.
At the end, we are sharing a common space weather as a member of the EU, accession country or a country about to leave. The questions is where they think they are going: maybe UK wants to become a NAFTA member or one of the Asian Tigers is unknown as it's territory is highly unlikely to move anywhere.
Spain rushed to have it say on Gibraltar. With all the problems the country is facing with right now and the number of people that perish outside it's borders all we do care is a rock?!
The story about "the importance of a rock" got a new shift. Now Spain got worried that Catalonia might find a strong argument toward an independence especially when Scotland seems quite determined to do whatever it takes to stay in EU, even if that means a new referendum and independence.
The Spanish Ministry of External Affairs quickly issued a calming statement to many of us working and living here.
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on "Brexit"

It was said not to panic as things wont change for us is near future, or at least in the next two years. They will continue working together with the EU on new favorable terms so we can stay and work here. That is very thoughtful from a country that send us to exile because there was no opportunity for us back home.
The newspapers rushed with their article of what happens now and how much it will affect us. People were suggesting that now more than ever is important to apply for residency. Another article was suggesting that our European driving licence will not be valid anymore so we need to start thing all over again.
Got away from a great uncertainty back home just to find an equally hostile place here, it was not what we were barging for.
As for EU goes, it's just another heartbreaking story to share. They failed greatly and sadly we all lose. It not about UK "leaving" but European Union getting completely lost.
You know Brexit is a bad news and bad idea when Trump is celebrating the results and the extreme right in UK is winning it's arguments. ISIS joins the celebration by sending message out to keep bombing Brussels and Berlin. That says a lot more than I could.
It might seems like I am into this brexit thing too much, but I can´t get over the arguments that led many people to vote one way or another.
i will repeat the thing I´ve said commenting on Martin Schulz hours before. and what this professor (University of Liverpool Law School’s Professor Michael Dougan) is trying to say here. It's so different when you are a rich country in Europe. You are acting such a baby using the arguments of the Europe poorest when they don't apply to you. The statement: they don't listen to us, they try to impose things, they don't understand what we need simply doesn't applies to UK. They've listened that from the Europe poorest and applied to them as if that was true.
UK arguments to brexit are funny and insulting for the Europe poor (when I say poor, need to bear in mind in European sense). EU is not perfect, nor Europe poorest are doing the right thing. But that's another story.
You just see what this professor has to say. It's brilliant.

University of Liverpool Law School’s Professor Michael Dougan

We might disagree with EU, but what UK did is so dumb. Now they are know as " the sick racists" and because of it they believed all the lies.
European countries should educate more on the idea of the EU, if not you'll end up doing something stupid as UK did. 
I understand some EU member that are voiceless or powerless within the Union, but UK has always had it's way. 
"The arrogance, xenophobia and the disagreement have won now", wrote another Spanish immigrant in UK.
As you can see we are all lost and in despair. We certainly need a new Europeland and even a new planet if we continue the way we are acting now.

As students, we praise and love diversity. Especially those  ones that want to learn about other cultures might find UK universities very attractive. That is why I understand the turbulence created by the referendum results. They are worried that they will lose attractiveness and funding. Their fears are right. If my university has been long delaying changes, now it's the time to speed up things and get to work. Some of the brightest students come from Europe and you don't want less than that. In defence to other students (non-European) we might say that they are not less important. It's the diversity that counts.  That's just adds up to the whole quality of teaching and research.

For us, working migrants there are a lot of good place left in Europe to go now. I have never considered this to be the Europe I wanted for myself.

I will suggest leaving as they spoke out against working migrants that contributed greatly in the development of this country and pay for their benefits and pensions. The ones that work hard are welcomed everywhere, and the ones that live on benefits would not be able to leave.
Those jobs held by migrants jobs that are unskilled and very unattractive for locals. I can hardly imagine they would come and work in my place on a minimum wage.

UK might have been the fastest and easiest way to job and learning English, but there is still opportunity in the rest of Europe for us. I am happy to be European from birth and EU citizen by adoption.

"Brexit is UK problem, not mine". I said that while wiping my tears off my face and thinking about the 4 mounts left from finishing my studies and completing my dissertation on Youth Unemployment. It has been a very though year for me, as Brexit would have made any difference.

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