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Me and my blog

I have recently acquired Master of Science with merits in Development Studies MSc at London South Bank University.

As part of my MSc course we are studding relevant disciplines to understand and appreciate the problems related to development issues and fully understand the most important debates in development economics.

As part of the course I am working on a dissertation topic related to Youth Unemployment and Social Exclusion in Macedonia. Research and policy design is my main focus and I am using different methodologies related to research in social science. 

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics (Macedonia), Master´s degree in Foreign Trade (Spain) and Cambridge International Diploma in Business. As part of my Master´s degree final project elaborated an International Marketing Plan for a Spanish company. That is why I love to engage in debates related to foreign trade. It has been my main interest before trying to get my way into International Development.

In Spain I …

On "Brexit": Just go, Just leave!

Born in Macedonia, the country has not made a progress since.Went to live in Spain and two years later (2008) the country was hit by recession and huge unemployment. And now that I am out it's slowly recovering.Came to UK, they leave EU and the value of pound immediately hits its lowest, Cameron resigns... we are expecting more of this to come... Well, where should I go now?Which country really goes to your nerve? I can deal with any.Should I put in a CV my apocalyptic abilities?That was my first comment on Brexit the day I received the news. I could have been talking about the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the Balkan wars or any other major disaster, because it looks like I've have seen them all. 
Today I lost every little hope I had in a new and better Europe. Going through all the media news I got across a lot of despair and sadness of what just happened. Macedonia is deeply saddened that UK is "leaving" as it gained it's candidate status while the UK presidency…

Update on my survey: Young, bright... but hopeless

Last time I spoke to my supervisor I told him I am planning to get around 100 participants for my survey. Just one week and I need to set a new goal. Young people are responding the questions and leaving long comments. It´s so heart-breaking to read all of them, that I feel the necessity to stop and take a deep breath. I am deeply affected and reminds me of all the headship I´ve been through. And I am not even there yet. And I am not even "young". People are brutally honest with me, saying that people at my age and education have been managing huge projects. I have certainly failed, but even if I am not "young" anymore I am still fighting like one.
They go as far as saying what they would like to read and hear more of my opinion. Just with their comments I have half of my work done. There is such an interest in my survey and people got it so serious (to my surprise and satisfaction) that I can´t understa…

Светски Организации, двојни аршини и непропорционална застапеност

Овие што се мафтаат низ Македонија и ви држат лекции од Европска Унија, Фондот за развој од Обединетите Нации, се сите странци од развиените земји. И не дека се попаметни туку дека се од богати семејства можат да си дозволат скапи универзитети и пракса да работат без пари во седиштата на овие организации и потоа да најдат работа таму или на друго место. Многу пати сум укажувала на ова дека ние кои сами се финансираме не можиме да си дозволиме да плаќаме да работиме. Исто така има доста суденти чие студирање е финансирано од фондови на Агенции за Развој што имаат посебни интереси (политички) за развој на тие подрачја. Со сите напори, материјални и човечки ресурси кои ги фрлаат по Африка и Блискиот Исток чиниш сите проблеми ќе се решат. Но не е така. На крај, застапеноста на вработените од развиените земји е далеку поголема. Се губи врската со реалноста во државата и се предлагаат комични решенија. Заради оваа и други причини напорот да се решат сите светски проблеми е бизнис како и секој…