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London got a new mayor, and no, I am not happy with his election

Новиот градоначалник на Лондон: муслиман од родители што емигрирле од Пакистан. Татко му 25 год возел автобус, маjka шивачка. 

Ете сега сите негативци да се преиспитаме. Можно е сѐ!

Well, a wise man said if you have nothing nice to say better say nothing at all. That applies to me. When I am trying to criticize I want to start with myself just to give an example. I criticize myself for criticizing too much when I need to use more diplomatic expressions that would lead me to my perfect job.
Let's start with the good things. The things I truly belive in. 

Good to know that here everybody, no matter race or colour (or you just want to get rid of your old lifestyle) can make something good out of their miserable life. This is a county of opportunity and the opportunity apiles to everybody and I am here waiting for mine. Maybe last one in the line but still want my opportunity. 

From the other hand I learnt (the hard way) that if you have somebody that from whatever (stupid) reason dislikes you, can make you feel miserable and ruin you for life if you dont do it before he/she does. t seems to be common for society with high levels of stress, sarcasm and aversion toward honesty. People are competing and everything counts.

Good thing is that I would never let that destroy the good in me, but learn to deal differently next time.
Now here comes the part I should not have written. I refuse to see Britain as Europe. I am in a strange land far from it.

This goes to all the immigrants including myself. Strange how we get so "enlightened" in a strange country and have the solution for all the problems.

It seems that one thinks better with full stomach and the problems of the rich are far more simple than poor people.

But still UK does so much better than Spain or Macedonia with their home-grown politicians falling behind most of Europe. Ethnic experiments led to appointing people to positions according to ethnicity and not achievements. As for Spain, whenever there was problem the extremist were putting even more pressure on the country and do nothing good for the economy. 

The countries experiment show that the people from a well fed country are highly unlikely to turn against the system that does good.

In macedonian language above at the beginning I wanted to send a message to all negative people in Macedonia that everything is possible. Fight scepticism with positivism and the rest with arguments.
All this said, just to sum up that no, I am not happy with the new mayor. I am just happy for the fact that his election gives a hope to the last one standing for opportunity on this mad people island. 

If we sink we all die, like the story of Titanic. When it sank, the dreams of success faded away at about the same time for the poor and rich on that ship. There is no good sitting in first class if your boat is sinking.

I have grown  a different way to what Europe should  look  like and UK is not what I had in mind.

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