miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

My dissertation has no title: The struggle is real!!!

This year have been some changes with our Master's dissertation . Due to this changes I can not submit my dissertation about Fair trade (I already did I Research Proposal on the subject that I submitted), and need to think of a new topic for my dissertation. 

So, for all those advising me to consider working on a topic related to the Balkans, I have a great news for you - I AM DOING THE BALKANS!!!!

I have 3 days to think on my dissertation title.

This is Research in International Development or Research in Social Science. 

I need your suggestions what do you consider important and needs a "scientific" consideration.

So, let me suggest few:

- We know how homosexuals are treated in Macedonia or Balkan in general. Do you want me to research and shame you on this subject? 

ЛГБТИ Центар @LgbtiCentar Центар за јакнење на ЛГБТИ заедницата во Македонија

- Gender based violence. 

- Work on corruption. It would be difficult for me to do this as not that just the politicians, but the whole society is corrupted. 

- Youth unemployment, suicide and delinquency. This can be really revealing and useful for all of us personally and for the region in general. 

- Corporate social ir(responsibility). We can go after the textile factories and how they mistreat their employees. 

- Tabaco Industry. Does really helps the people to get out of poverty when there is no other way. 
Drying Tobacco in Prilep, Macedonia

If you are interested in collaboration or simply the topic is something that really calls your interest, you can be my assistants and at the end, as a toque of my appreciation to receive the final document (at the end of this year) and a small present for your effort and collaboration. 

And why not, It can be an idea for your own NGO to try to help people and raise awareness in Macedonia.

The fact is that I am very excited about my dissertation, although it was highly recommended that  we should not work on the same topic we did previously. I love, I absolutely adore my course and would accept any challenge.  

The recommendation was a surprise, but not a disappointment by any mean. Intermediately started thinking on a new topic and how exciting is going to be to explore, learn and manage  information that I haven't had the chance to do before and come up with new and reinforce old ideas and ways to make this planet better.

As for my University goes, changes are more than needed and I will support and welcome anything done differently than previous years. It will take time, but hard work really pays off. 

After all it's my University, not the best in UK, just mine. It matters to me, and won't change it for any better one.  

As a passionate searcher and researcher, never and nothing is good enough for me. Always looking for more and better. 

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