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Who owns this world?

Today met Iranian and we felt like we know each other for at least  one millennium or more. We share an historical moment  last time we "saw" for the Battle of the Persian Gate between the Macedonian army and Darius III of Persia​

Bottom line - WE WON! My Iranian friend seemed to be still living with the bitterness of the loss :).  

Often kings usually stayed in the confort of their palace while their man went into battle to conquer new land or defend what was theirs. Darius III​ was no exception to that.

Alexander won the battle not because of number or strength but very carefully planning each new conquest. Most important he was there with every battle as a leader.

When I was reading about my history I remember thinking that Alexander the Great​ (or more accurately - Alexander III) how badly wanted to conquer the world and spread out a culture that was close to him and the intellectuals of that time (the Ancient Greek Culture​) . Also it was a way to learn about other cultures…