sábado, 16 de enero de 2016

Who owns this world?

Today met Iranian and we felt like we know each other for at least  one millennium or more. We share an historical moment  last time we "saw" for the Battle of the Persian Gate between the Macedonian army and Darius III of Persia​

Bottom line - WE WON! My Iranian friend seemed to be still living with the bitterness of the loss :).  

Often kings usually stayed in the confort of their palace while their man went into battle to conquer new land or defend what was theirs. Darius III​ was no exception to that.

Alexander won the battle not because of number or strength but very carefully planning each new conquest. Most important he was there with every battle as a leader.

When I was reading about my history I remember thinking that Alexander the Great​ (or more accurately - Alexander III) how badly wanted to conquer the world and spread out a culture that was close to him and the intellectuals of that time (the Ancient Greek Culture​) . Also it was a way to learn about other cultures and add  to the knowledge.

I guess he wanted what we want now - to "conquer" the world, not by war and battles but having a big significant impact on peoples lives to make things better. And I admire him for that. He seemed to have gone far from his land just to stop somewhere near India. And why stop there, why stop anywhere?

And where he stopped we need to continue to conquest, Make India and the rest of Asia "ours" and re- " discover" America again if we need to.

Learn from the others add it to your knowledge and share it with the rest and the world will fell on your feet.

As my teacher in literature once said: people "live" longer when they do good things for the benefit of the whole humanity. They will be remembered and will live forever in people hearts.

Feeling every part of this world like it is you place, your home and your people, open your mind about other cultures and religions will take you to any place. You'll never be alone and every day day will be full with excitements.

I cant afford to travel, so I sit at home rediscovering every day each part of the world often spending more time learning about the culture than I ever spent to learn about mine. Never miss a chance to learn about new cultures and I feel I could never learn enough.

Feel like they are all better than my culture even when I feel that my Macedonian culture is so special.

But that's the problem with this world - your culture will never be special enough when there are so many.

Every day of my life wondering what would Alexander The Great​ do if he was living  today?

How will he conquer the world?

How will he fight against his enemies?

Would he live long enough to see things changing the way he wanted?

Who owns this world?

The world will be for those that want to share their knowledge for the benefit of the whole humanity. Share among culture what is known and always acquiring new is something that has always been there and always will be in different shapes for a different times. You might be the Alexader the Great of your time or that horseman that tries to conquer new territories for resources in the 16th century or a present day development worker that goes in a remote areas to work on a development project with some of the poorest communities.

The history might be bad with you and say you did nothing beneficial just sacked and packed valuables from other countries living nothing behind. It might be kind to you and acknowledge your hard work as a passion for cultural appropriation and domination.The present demands certain things to be done in a certain way, while the history judges the losers and glorifies the sackers.