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The madness of the modern war against terrorism

While preparing for my work about Ex-Yugoslavija​ and trying to be objective as much as possible "be aware of my own biases" (well, we all know how hard that could be) I am trying to understand "the madness of the modern war against terrorism". First of all, there is a lack of generally agreed definition on terrorism internationally. I found that to be a problem.

If it is wealthy European country it is a terrorist attack  and nobody questions that. When it is a poor, middle income country, the same is considered to be either a civil war or they are "insurgents" fighting for their civil or human rights. To be honest, when poor people "fight" it is always a civil and human right issue.

When in the Macedonian parliament​ they are representatives sitting that have killed or massacred something is terribly wrong with the political system. If those have been elected despite what they did, then something is wrong with that society and that needs to be fixed.

During the "war" (what in a Western world would be called a theorist attack) atrocities were made both by the Macedonian police and the terrorist (by the western media they were referred to as "fighters for human rights and the other side of the war were the called contemptuously "Slav-Macedonians"). They are assassins sitting in the Macedonian parliament. Many of them would have never imagined such career if there was not blood shedding and killings. Ethnic Macedonians did that by the (mis)use of the legitimate Macedonian

police to go and kill some Albaninas just to prove they were defending the country from the terrorist. The ethnic Albanians (many of them experienced in Balkan war) tried to kill and/or scare off as much as possible Ethnic Macedonians from "their territory". There were a lot of displacement of both Macedonians and Albanians at the time.

It was called a Civil War, The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) symbolically sentenced Tarchulovski to 12 years of imprisonment and Boshkovski was found not guilty. The number of the dead toll from the conflict was never to be known, as fighters from the Islamic States and others that were not registered as Macedonian citizens were shot down by the Macedonian police. It was a "fight" between the Macedonian police and mainly foreign citizen. Tarchulovski and Boshkovski made a political career that would not have been possible without a war.

Another person that made a good business from  killing people is Ali Ahmeti. Ahmeti is a former leader of a the Albanian therorists that was fighting against the macedonian police, People like Ali Ahmeti and others are now in the parliament as representatives. A lot of cases involving group killing of Macedonian civilians (Macedonians were either working on the field, having a day at the lake with the friends etc ) remain unsolved because of the lack of interest or maybe not to offend the feelings of the other ethnic minority.

The Parliament of Macedonia consists of murderers, very corrupted politicians and other slackers.

Internationally, terrorism looks different in practice and it is according to our political interest and ignorance. We are forgetting that they have one thing in common. No matter the definition, your countries political intelligence or where are you listed by World Bank, a person, collective group that perpetuates such atrocities against humanity finding different excuses, mainly hiding behind political, need to be persecuted and excluded from the society. As simple as that. There is never good enough excuse to kill.

Where in war there is never and never will be a good and a bad side from reasons that are too obvious to say. Terrorism should be equally understood in: UK, USA, France, Turkey Syria or Macedonia.

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