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Be fair, respectful and generous - go Fair Trade

Ethical Markets represent the effort that is build upon the way we uplift the human well-being as well as ecological integrity. This movement is very important today as we are well aware that humans have the ability to destroy the environment.
Therefore, Fair Trade as part of Ethical Markets, has become one of the most important global movement. We live in a business world where things are measured in euros, dollars and pounds. Trade, as a sacred art of exchange, is the most ancient practice. Unequal trade, when countries unable, unprepared, un-knowledgeable traded it was a seen as a one of the reasons of increasing the poverty gap between countries. But trade created wealth for those that used it wisely and knowledgeably. Who came first, the poverty or the wealth?
Fair Trade is the knowing that we must treat people with respect. Fair Trade policies are meant to maintain small-farmers their traditional lifestyle and earn a living wage. It is more than what ethical trade represents. It&#…