martes, 5 de febrero de 2013

FITUR 2013 - My Impresions

I was so glad that I could be there this year, too. That´s right, I´ve visited the International Tourism Trade Fair last year. One more year Macedonia was not present and it is a pity, knowing that we could offer a lot more than other people could think. If you stay with me on this, you could read what I am talking about. 

As I always say, there is a lot of what one country can offer. I am not even sure if there could be an unattractive country to visit :)  Where there is war in course and luck of political  and economical stability, maybe... 

FITUR, the International Tourism Trade Fair, celebrated its 33rd staging from January 30 to February 3 in Madrid, Spain. 

I hope I could transmit the emotion I felt while going from stand to stand and enjoying the scene setting of each country present there. 


Just to remind you, as some of you may already know,  there is a UN agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. Macedonia is one of the 155 member states of this organisation, since 1995 and Spain since 1975. This organisation was established in 1974 and has its headquarters in Madrid, Spain. 


World Tourism Organization 
Capitán Haya 42 
28020 Madrid - Spain

- Croatia and Andorra

The stands that immediately caught my eye were definitely Croatia and Andorra. There was a big luminous screen in both cases and a lot of visitors. The girls were so busy sharing information and flyers to the ones that approached them. I liked the costumes that Croatian girls were wearing. There were details of red and white squares on the neck and dress area. 

As I said I´ve visited FITUR last year, and seen both their stands on EXPO 2008 in Zaragoza. I can came to a clear conclusion that those countries are working their asses of just to have the best most flamboyant stand of all. I remember on Expo 2008 they had this static bikes and they were performing a simulation of a trip on bikes through woods with all the bumps and stumps.  I didn´t dare, but there were a lot of people willing to try. In the case of Croatia, they had this huge nave just for them. Can´t recall right know of more details, but I am sure it was ostentatious. 

For more information please visit:

- for Croatia: HTZ
-  for Andorra: National Tourist Office

- Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia.

As for Macedonia goes there was nowhere to be seen :( So I was so glad that I could see some of the stands of our neighbouring countries like: Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia (our 4th neighbour Albania, was absent also). 

Bulgaria had a small decent stand. They could have drawn on something associated with the Black Sea and beautiful beaches or mineral baths they have and even mountains and ski centres.

For more information please visit: official Tourism Portal of Bulgaria

Serbia had a decent stand also. Their participation is good for the country. 

For more information please visit National Tourism Organisation

Greece, what the heck is this? Is this a part of your austerity measures or just a luck of imagination? I couldn´t have been more happy (I admit, I am mean ;)) seeing a tatty version of a stand that could have been outstanding if they were not joking. This could´t have been worse even if you had tried. What a waste! Judge for yourself. 

For more information go to VIsit Greece 

- Turkey

 I can say that this stand was a proper one (the Croatian one was the outstanding). It was more of a presentation of the Turkish Airlines than the country itself. I don´t see it as a mistake. 
Macedonia could have been there to promote itself, but what if there is no air company that will take you directly. We are talking about aprox. 3000 km between Madrid and Skopje and the plane ticket has an unreasonable price for a country like Macedonia. So, maybe  I would like to have seen something more from Turkey´s stand... 

For more information go to the Official Tourism Portal of Turkey

- Israel

They had a very nice ostentuos stand.

For more information go to GO ISRAEL

- Portugal

They took this fair very seriously. Their exhibition space was big and pompous. This is a country that I have already visited and I know that they have a lot to offer. They were complete and successful in their presentation. Their stand was full of curious people. Excellent job, neighbours!

For more information go to the Portugal Official Tourism Website

- UK and Ireland

Not bad, not bad at all! There were a huge amount of people and a noise coming from their stand. There were a couple of huge guys dressed up in a Scottish kilt. People were lining to take photos with them. Then they played music on their pipes. 

For more information go to:

- for UK: Official UK tourism;
- for Ireland: Official Website of Tourism Ireland