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Starting a new business (between needs and prejudices)

Whenever I think that it is going to be hard to accomplish this or that (related to professional) I always think of my uncle who established his company and worked in 1989 in Macedonia under communist government, led his business through the split of Yugoslavia, wars in the neighbourhood, several (at least three) "direct and indirect" trade embargoes etc. I came to a conclusion that the difficulty is in my head - only!

 A stagnant economy is not something that you wish for, but since I am there I am trying to find a opportunity, based on my knowledge. I am not going to be afraid to show people how passionate I can became over things I like, how trustworthy I can be, always available and there for my clients, because they deserve the best!

Spanish entrepreneurs are no inspiration to me. All the "entrepreneurs" I´ve met they seem to be having a lot of luck and luck doesn´t work for me. Their poor cultural and educational level is molesting me. Money they see, money they spent buying big houses and cars. They relay on immigrant that work very hard and take jobs that Spaniards usually don't. I was not impressed to see the way they treat them. I make distinction between two types of racists:  real racist and ignorant. Those "entrepreneurs" are simply ignorant. None of my concern.

 OECD Timely Indicators of Entrepreneurship

According to OECD Timely Indicators of Entrepreneurship the number of new enterprises in Spain show an upward trend, and this is the same country that needs them. This rates are remaining well below pre-crisis level. Spain is different, that's for sure.

I am disturbed by the fact that you´ll need a whole mounts to get your business running in a OECD country like Spain. In Macedonia only 3 days.

France has shown the most spectacular increase in creating new business, due to introduction of a simplified start - up procedure. This is the example for Spain to fallow.


Doing Business Ranking of Economies shows "the regulatory environment is more conducive to the starting and operation of a local firm." Let´s see what's happening there. 

Spain is way behind Macedonia. It seems like this country it is not interested in creating jobs. I am astonished by the fact how both countries consider entrepreneurship necessary and Spain fails a lot. 

Entrepreneurship is not a way of being in fashion, desire of being a boss (Spain), neither moving down you professional scale and becoming a mendicant (Macedonia). Those two (and a lot more than this) are the thing I have to deal with on my way of making my dream reality. 

At ease of Doing Business Macedonia is ranked 23, and Spain 44. The worst mark goes for Spain in Starting a New Business and it´s 136 while Macedonia´s worst rank is at 101 in Getting a Electricity. Spain is best ranked in Paying Taxes (34) and Macedonia is fifth in Starting a New Business. I should´t even go further. Things are quite clear - I am fucked!!! :) I always have to have the hardest way. 

Good ranks are not a guaranty that in that particular country people get to entrepreneurship that easily.  Even when people have a positive perception about entrepreneurship, may, however, have little intention of starting a new businesses. First thing to take into consideration  are the above mentioned  prejudices. Also  countries characterized as welfare states - even though this involves protecting citizens - can reduce incentives to undertake you own initiative. Ex - communist states are a very good example of that. If you go to "I am a loser, not a quitter"  (written in Spanish language) you can clearly see what I am talking about. 

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 

So, as I previously said one thing is to have positive environment for entrepreneurship and other thing is to actually start your own business. GEM provides us with a more detailed picture of the entrepreneurship in wide range of countries. 

If Macedonian language is you mother-tongue language click here to read the latest report of this organisation. For those speaking English language you can read more in ENTERPRENEURSHIP IN MACEDONIA

The indicator "Sees good opportunities for starting a business in the next 6 months and defines the percentage of respondents who consider entrepreneurship a good career choice in the country. Almost every second respondent from Macedonia (47%), a non-entrepreneur, sees good opportunities for starting business in the next 6 months, while in Spain 32%.

 According to the data seen in the penultimate column, the indicator "Entrepreneurship considered as desirable career choice" we can see that 80% from the respondents in Macedonia consider entrepreneurship as a good career choice. This is among the highest percentages from all countries where the GEM survey was realized.

Macedonia is the leading country regarding desire to start business in the next 3 years. Namely, 39% from the non-entrepreneurs expect to start business in the next 3 years. These desires cannot be confirmed in practice. The number of respondents who actually did it is only 9.19%. This % in Spain is really bleak. Only 5%!!! 

GEM Spain 2011 Report (Spanish)


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