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Biljana – Origin and name meaning

Biljana or Bilyana (Cyrillic: Биљана, Билјана or Биляна) is a South Slavic name meaning "herb."

Gender: Feminine
Usage:, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian
Other Scripts: Биляна (Bulgarian) , Билјана (Macedonian), Биљана (Serbian)

Meaning possibly derived from a South Slavic word meaning "herb" ( Билка “bilka” - in Macedonian)
Baby names that sound like Biljana include the Czech name Blazena and the English name Blossom.

The Slavic name Bilyana is a variant form of Biljana.

Baby names that sound like Bilyana include Bellina, Belloma, Bellona, Billina, Belen (Spanish), Belén (Spanish), Béline, Bluma (Yiddish), Blain (English), Blaine (English), Blane (English), Blayne (English), Blom, Blum (Yiddish).

All possible nicknames that are derived from the name used in Macedonia are:
- Bile - most common and my favourite. That´s how I am usually called in Macedonia.
- Biljanche, Bilence - diminutive form of the name;
- Bibe -
- Biba -

Posible form of the name in Spanish is: Bibiana (Galician), (Italian), (Spanish) but the meaning of this name is completely different. Variant of Vivian (Latin) "alive". Bibiane is the French form.
Bibiana has 2 variant forms: Bibiane and Bibianna.

Vivian has 25 variant forms: Bibi, Bibiana, Bibiane, Bibianna, Bibianne, Bibyana, Vevay, Vi, Vibiana, Viv, Vivee, Vivi, Vivia, Viviana, Viviane, Vivianna, Vivianne, Vivien, Vivienne, Vivyan, Vivyana, Vivyanne, Vyvyan, Vyvyana and Vyvyanne.

When I receive mail the common thing is to find my name changed. In that case here in Spain they are usually referring to me by the name of Bibiana.

More confident Spanish natives are calling me by the annoying name of Bibi. I don't like it, and sounds too masculine to me.

Biljana is most popular name in Macedonia, and in 2006 was the second most popular name there. There is a very popular Macedonian song called ¨ Билјана платно белеше„. This name is "trademark" of one ancient Macedonian town (Ohrid) and Republic of Macedonia and we are all specially related to this name. The song speaks about one beatuful girl from Ohrid named Biljana. The dance represents the mixture of the beauty and grace of the young macedonian girls whitening the cloth on the riverside.It is performed by beautiful women's ensemble with long bands in colourful national costumes.

This name is also popular in Serbia and Croatia, and from there it also spreads out in Slovenia, but only 244th in the list of most popular names in 2007. In Croatia was most popular in the seventies in Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek.

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