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Discriminación por edad en el mercado laboral español

Que en España no funciona el mercado laboral igual que en el Reino Unido, cuenta la historia de miles de españoles que estamos aquí en Reino Unido. El que vuelva, bien. El que no, se olvida de cinismo laboral español a a tomar por saco la patria. Al final nos quedamos aquí. 
Menos mal que estoy comparando España y el Reino Unido, porque si lo hago entre Macedonia y Reino Unido tengo un trabajo bastante más difícil. Si el mercado laboral español se encuentra en fase de "cometer estupideces" de principiante, él de Macedonia está en el fase "prehistórica" y ni siquiera hemos llegado a la edad de Cristo y la famosa resurrección. 
Está vergonzoso que los dos países repitan los errores de otros que ya van de ejemplo y se nota en el desarrollo económico y social. Parece que no hay quien les traduzca a los "expertos" lo que unos hacen bien para incorporarlo en nuestra practica laboral. 
En estas líneas voy a intentar hablar de la discriminación por edad que es tan e…
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About Yugoslavia - a satire of the truth!

There you have the podcast (click here) on Yugoslavia. It was really interesting, but the approach on Yugoslavia was poor. The accent was on Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria (as the "experts" were mainly from this countries). Important to say that I think that there is more to learn from Yugoslavia as those countries are really poor example for anything. Although Yugoslavia was a failed experiment it gave an important lesson for unity. Underestimating the diversity in the "artificial creation" led to its dissolution. "Experts" are saying that different nations emerged like they never existed. I read that and burn the book.
What nobody understands, Yugoslavia tried to kill the national identity , already existing  cultural identity, and create an artificial Yugoslav nation. Well, you can expect one to gave up it's cultural identity, but you can't expect all six to do so.
But during the cold war it benefited greatly staying non-aligned and kept the posi…

The state of losers and traitors

I am the kind of person that believes in the relation between the level of development and cultural values. In fact I am crazy enough to think development is related to everything. In this occasion, I would like to discuss what lessons should we take from each country's culture to use to get better when talking about development. 
That is, because in development there is a lot of talking and wishing well. 
Strongly believe that a cultures should provide us with the knowledge that will help us to boost not just our material wealth but also our mental well-being. "States are as the men, they grow out of human characters." (Plato) and they need to be the best version of themselves.
In the era of globalisation and cross-cultural exchange of information we know more, a lot more that our culture could offer us.
But, there is a problem. What to do with all the knowledge about other cultures? 
You can be Orthodox Christian and have your regular Yoga classes every week. If that is wha…

Unsuccessful Ph.D application: "Gender inequality in employment, earnings and unpaid work"

1. Introduction 
The Equity Act 2010 in UK and the European Law are based upon the principle that woman and men should receive equal pay when doing equal work. The Governments intention is to work with business to improve gender wage gap and issue information on voluntary basis. (Equality and human rights commission, 2010). Publishing gender pay information will benefit even small companies. According to ACAS, the Pay Gap Reporting would start applying in April 2017 (ACAS, 2016). In the last 20 years feminist research tends to go beyond the binaries of existing male and female gender. The things that changed in the last years are not only the Act and the fact that soon most of the companies should provide information about the gender – wage gap. It’s a fact the society has changed. The multiplicities of sex, gender, racial, ethnic will provide us with new research categories. The focus of the feminist work can be referred to one of the proliferating causes. Lorber (2010) argues that femi…

Modern age slavery in London

Do you need to be rich to afford a job?
Even when I was working on unemployment, minimum wage did't made much sense to me, not to mention working for free. I was so angry at the person for the Governments "marketing office" selling us the concept as a "living wage". The should have "tested" the concept of "living" wage before putting the word together with minimum wage. As somebody who is "testing" personally the concept on myself, I must say those people gain no respect from me.
Been rich and very rich and I understand how hard it is to "care" when you don't see the concept applied on yourself. Now that I work I am the poorest I have ever been. I am dying to see them "living" on a minimum wage in London. It should be called "barely surviving in a room" wage.

In order to be willing to work for free, you need to really have a low appreciation of yourself. The company here is asking for a duchebag tha…

What makes a good job? Gender issues and job satisfaction

Being highly educated person makes you feel smart. That is the end of it. Unfortunately, it can make you the saddest person in the world. This conclusion is not as a result of my “extensive research” when all I do is read about other people research while dreaming of doing my own work in the field. 
Because, being woman today is like being a man - you will need to work hard to own your own money.

Even while I was working on my dissertation on youth unemployment that was highly commented in the literature. It only made me sad to think that once more they are telling us that hard work barely pays off. And I know, nobody wants to hear that.   The paradox that highly educated people (supposedly qualified and skilled) generally have very low level of job satisfaction, should not come to us as a surprise. The higher the level of consciousness the greater the expectations. As we get “smarter” we are more and more aware of different possibilities and combinations but also of limitations and back…

Now you want a PhD!!! Feed that learning monster!

- You have opinion about everything;
- Nothing is ever good enough for you;
- Read books like a possessed person - every book is The Bible;
- Consider yourself to be weird, nobody is taking you seriously;
- Love to write down your thoughts (it's a demonic possession, I know);
- Whenever you try giving your opinion, everybody is laughing at you, but after a while you stop worrying what others might think. 
- Feel obsessed with field research, learning new subjects, and you constantly complain that you lack knowledge. 
- You need to design a survey questionnaire every time you want to go shopping? 
- You are mentally obsessed with sampling for focus group or interviews each time you need an answer to a simple question (because, nothing is simple for you, machote!) 
- You are being cynical about life - no matter how much you try and how well you do, idiots have taken over this world. 
- You are fluent in sarcasm. Excellent! 
- Have lost the sense and meaning of life. Nobody likes you nor your s…